Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I came back

I came back
To land my ancestors stole
To the land I have always called home
Where the woods sing wild songs
And my grandfather is buried.

I came back
To crumbling buildings set against
The backdrop of stunning mountains
To fields left fallow and barns left empty
To streets where children go hungry

I came back
To loggers and carpenters living in tents
Camping on the mill sites they used to work
To kids hustling without any jobs
Shooting up in back alleys

I came back
To angry city councils and death threats
And police beating up our children
To baptizing babies stolen by CPS
To burying kids just after their 24th birthday

I came back
To smiles that could light up a room
And survive dark and filthy jail cells
To sharing food in crowded tents
And laughter around campfires

I came back
To courage that can move mountains
And survive the deepest pain
To flags raised high over razed campsites
And welcome mats that say “Come back with a warrant.”

I came back
I came back for love, I stay for love
I came back for broken hearts
I came back in honor of the courage of
Moms who fight for their children
Kids who say fuck the police in the middle of a beatdown
Poor grandmothers who cook for the community
Young people creating sanctuary in an old church

I came back.

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